Healthy Snacking


Are you on a diet or trying to eat healthy? Well I don’t know about you, but I am. If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I don’t post very much, but the posts that I have made have been on the topics of diet, exercise, and health. In the Spring I was doing Graduate school and we all know that school is very stressful making it very difficult to eat healthy. Most of the time I just eat whatever I could get my hands on. From that I gained so much weight. About 10-15 pounds actually. This is probably the heaviest I have ever been. Well since the semester is over I am doing all that I can to lose those unwanted pounds. I work out like crazy, but the hardest part is trying to eat better. My boyfriend and I are always on the go, so its easy to always get fast food, but I have been trying my hardest to cut that out. Also I have been trying to cut out unhealthy snacks like chips, soda, and candy. It has been so hard to cut that out of my life, but luckily I found Nature Box. Nature box contains snacks that are good for you, but on the plus side, they’re healthy. With Nature Box, they allow you try it before you actually commit to buying it. The first sample box they give you is free, but you do have to pay $2 shipping on it. It comes with 4 sample size snacks and 1 full size snack. So far what I have tried has been delicious. The only thing I didn’t like was the jalapeno cashews because I just don’t like the flavor of jalapeno at all. The other snacks I got were dark chocolate oat nom nom, which is like a no bake cookie. Blueberry almonds, which have been my favorite and it also came with masa crisps and cranberry medley. The cranberry medley is essentially like the cranberry version of raisins. I have been really happy with this box and I can’t wait til I get my actual full size box with the snacks that I want. Especially the gummy candy. The full size box is also a good price. You get 5 full size snacks for $19.95, which is a good deal because when I try to buy organic snacks at the grocery store they come up to around that price as well. Overall, I would recommend trying the sample box. I mean it is only $2 for a box full of snacks, and that’s a deal that’s hard to pass up.  If you have any questions on the snacks or would like me to do a review on my next box then please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.



Being an Asian on a Diet

First of all, being on a diet is difficult in the first place, but being Asian makes it even more difficult. Literally every meal you have consists of carbs. Weather its white rice or some sort of noodle dish. It is so hard to get rid of rice and noodles in your every day meal especially when you have grown up with it your entire life. I mean can you say no to a bowl of Pho??? Ya I don’t think so. I can literally exercise as much as I want, but I will still have white rice haunting over me. LOL.

Recently, what I have discovered to be amazing is quinoa. If non of you know what quinoa is, it is a grain that has a similar texture to rice, but is better for you. So what I started doing was replacing white rice in all of my meals with quinoa. I am not too sure if this will help me in my weight loss goal, but it is sure worth the effort. Why do carbs have to be soo good. Now I just have to learn how to cut out all of the junk food like Pizza, cake, ice cream and soda, which shouldn’t be too hard but sometimes you just have those urges. Have you ever felt the thirst for a soda and then when you take a drink you feel that sweet goodness going down your chest? If you do let me know, so I know that I am not the only strange one. Well enough of me rambling. Thanks for reading.



Body Image

Recently a blogger that I follow posted an image of a badly done Photoshop image on Target’s website. They tried to create a “thigh gap” on the model. And for those of you who don’t know what that is, it is basically a gap in your thigh so that your thighs don’t touch. I thought that it was so crazy how big this tread is spreading. So I wanted to take some time to talk about body image. I, myself like many other girls in America have body issues. I am very short, which causes me to be a little bit bigger for my size. If I were a couple inches taller, than my body would actually be thinner. I struggle a lot with no only my weight, but my looks as well. I actually wouldn’t mind if my body looked better and my weight still stayed the same. I feel like I have done everything I could to get into shape. I would use to run 3 miles a day, I’ve tried juicing, cutting out junk, and exercising like crazy. I feel like non of that has worked. I’m going to Florida in a couple of months and my goal was to look great in a bikini, but I feel like my goal is lost and that I should give up. 

Does anyone out there feel the same way as I do? That no matter what you do, nothing works? You see all these girls who have accomplished their weight loss goal and I feel like why isn’t it the same for me? What am I doing wrong?There are some days where I want to give up and get liposuction or try weight loss pills and then maybe I would see the results that I want. Unfortunately, lipo is super expensive $$$. I’ve heard a lot about body sculpting, but I am very skeptical about it and if it really does work. So if anyone out there has tried it I would love to hear your opinions on it and what your experience was like. 

I still have 3 months until my trip so all I can do is exercise, eat better, and drink more water. For my whole life I’ve never been that pretty skinny girl. For most of my life I have always been the bigger than the rest of my friends and I have always hated that feeling. As i got older I started learning how to do my hair better and my makeup. That was the only thing that would actually give me confidence no matter what my size was. If I didn’t have makeup then I would feel lost. That’s why I want to shed the excess weight so that I can be toned. I have always dreamed of being a better me and now is the time for me to get serious.

Sorry if this post is a little long, but I want girls out there who read this blog to know that there are other girls out there who feel this way and that there not alone. I’m just an ordinary girl who at times feels lost in this world. Its hard to keep up with what society calls “perfect”, but as long as you do what makes you happy, then that’s all that matters.