Are you invited ?

During my wedding journey, I was so excited to start making my wedding invites. I was assuming that I would order some invites like most people do. But then on Christmas, my fiance bought me a cricut. If you don’t know what that is, it is a crafters dream tool. So after I got that, my fiance thought I should start making the invites, so I did. I found a cute template and I thought it would be cheap to do since all I needed was paper. Oh how I was so wrong about that. For one, I had to get the right paper and that wasn’t cheap, then I had to buy shimmery paper for the actual invite, and then I decided to gold foil the invites to add an extra flair to it. That took even more time. Then I had to find just the right ribbon for the invite. This was such a long process that I barely finished making the invites literally tonight. It also didn’t help that I had to make an extra 3o invitations for my parents friends that I don’t even know. For some reason my parents feel the need to invite everyone they know even if they don’t even know who I am. I personally feel like it’s just pointless because it is my special day and the people that go should only be the people that care about my fiance and i. Has anyone gone through this issue of having to invite people that you don’t want ?? Apparently to them, they don’t want people to talk badly about them for not inviting them even though these people barely talk to them, unless they see them at the store or something. Sounds pretty ridiculous right?? This issue has just caused me so much stress and it’s literally annoying. It kind of made me want to elope even more. If only we didn’t put down deposits for everything.

 I don’t know a picture of my invite on here, but I will be sure to post on here later. If anyone would like tips on how to make an invite then just please let me know. 




My Wedding Journey

Every girl dreams of their perfect wedding and how planning it will be so much fun. Well unless you have tons and tons of money, then that is definitely not the case. I’ve been engaged for about 2 years now to my high school sweet heart. We’ve know each other for about 10 years now, so its about time we get hitched. Before I was engaged I thought that planning a wedding would be so easy and that I would be so organized for it. Well its some what true, I was very organized throughout the entire process. I am about 3 months away from the big day. I wanted to blog about the entire process, but my time has been so limited that I wasn’t able to. So now I want to document everything I can so hopefully the girls that read this will take my advice and do better. Each day I will try to blog about different parts of a wedding, but the most important part is to know what you want in your wedding. Also, make sure that if you do really want your dream wedding, then to have enough money saved up for it. Every time we meet with a wedding vendor, they always ask what your budget is, but it seems like its so hard to have a budget because even if you tell them what your budget is, they might not even be able to do it, so you have to come up with the money anyways. If anyone has any questions about this process, then please feel free to ask. I would love to talk about weddings with other and maybe someone could give me some tips as well. I’ll end it here for now, but tomorrow I will talk about wedding invitations and that whole process.




My First Basketball Game



Hello readers,

Tonight I went to my very first Jazz Basketball game. I have lived in Utah my whole life and have never been to a game once. I normally don’t like watching sports, but it was a fun experience. Tonight the Jazz played the Indiana Pacers. The Jazz were down the whole time. Towards the end, the Jazz started to catch up and almost had the chance to go into overtime with a tie game. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but it was still fun.

For all you fashionistas out there I wasn’t quite sure what I would wear to a basketball game since I don’t have a Jazz jersey or a shirt. So the outfit I went with was a black tank with some blue skinny jeans and black booties. And to show my support for the Jazz, my cute pink snapback and of course you have to have a cute scarf to match with it. The fashion highlight of the night were these two cute old Asian ladies who were at the game and they were dressed in all pink Jazz stuff. It was so adorable. I wish I could have taken a picture to share it with you guys. Well i’m off to bed. Goodnight and Go Jazz!!!!