Being an Asian on a Diet

First of all, being on a diet is difficult in the first place, but being Asian makes it even more difficult. Literally every meal you have consists of carbs. Weather its white rice or some sort of noodle dish. It is so hard to get rid of rice and noodles in your every day meal especially when you have grown up with it your entire life. I mean can you say no to a bowl of Pho??? Ya I don’t think so. I can literally exercise as much as I want, but I will still have white rice haunting over me. LOL.

Recently, what I have discovered to be amazing is quinoa. If non of you know what quinoa is, it is a grain that has a similar texture to rice, but is better for you. So what I started doing was replacing white rice in all of my meals with quinoa. I am not too sure if this will help me in my weight loss goal, but it is sure worth the effort. Why do carbs have to be soo good. Now I just have to learn how to cut out all of the junk food like Pizza, cake, ice cream and soda, which shouldn’t be too hard but sometimes you just have those urges. Have you ever felt the thirst for a soda and then when you take a drink you feel that sweet goodness going down your chest? If you do let me know, so I know that I am not the only strange one. Well enough of me rambling. Thanks for reading.